What is a Science Project?

A Science Project is an in-depth, hands-on science learning experience designed to be practical and personalized, with the aim of creating optimal conditions for students to freely develop their ideas. In this program, students experience working in professional research facilities with guidance from experts.


  • Help students build self-awareness, self-reflection, and personal development skills to guide their future direction.

  • Assist students in developing critical thinking and necessary skills through practical, challenging, and in-depth learning experiences.

  • Aid students in forming a comprehensive and multidimensional perspective on the correlation of science, technology, and engineering with economic, artistic, and social aspects.

Value Proposition

Enhancing STEM Competence

Students develop research and hands-on skills in science and technology, establishing a solid foundation for future participation in STEM professions.

Communication Skills

Students practice presenting projects systematically, building relationships throughout the project, expressing their thinking through scientific report writing.

Problem-solving, Collaboration, Leadership Skills

Students are trained in decision-making skills based on analysis and understanding of issues, as well as the ability to design solutions when working in a team.

Creativity and Social Responsibility

Projects address hot issues related to the environment, green energy, ecology, healthcare, and agriculture. With an innovative approach when designing solutions from the students' perspective.

Student’s Projects

Students develop alternative solutions to non-biodegradable plastic materials for 3D printing, using bio-based materials to minimize plastic waste in the future.

Students develop a light-tracking system designed to enhance the efficiency of solar panels. This innovation has the potential to improve the economic and environmental effectiveness of solar panel usage in residential areas.

Students explore methods to research the pollution levels of the Tau Hu Canal using bioindicators and propose a water pollution treatment plan.

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