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Capability Framework for Learners

(Specific and Transferable Skills)

Practical Application of Knowledge

Indicates the use of knowledge in real-life situations

Leadership Competence

Emphasizes proficiency in leadership roles and responsibilities

Scientific Exploration Skills:

Emphasizes abilities in scientific investigation

Effective Communication

Signifies the ability to convey information and ideas clearly and persuasively.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Emphasizes working together across different cultures

Innovative Thinking

Signifies the ability to think in novel and inventive ways.

Proactive Self-Management

Emphasizes taking initiative in managing oneself

Financial Discipline

Describes the importance of disciplined financial practices

Learner Performance

With a firm belief that every individual possesses their unique potential, we provide a platform to empower learners to unleash their greatest capabilities.

Our Programs

CREST Awards

CREST offers students hands-on, inquiry-based learning opportunities, helping them tackle real-world STEM challenges through surveys and practical discussions.

STEMax Science Projects

Learning Program – a deep and practical scientific experience, creating optimal conditions for students to freely develop their ideas.

Education Solution Consulting

Consulting and transferring STEM-oriented project-based learning content with international certification for students.

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