About STEMax

We are passionate educators with the desire to foster the development of competitive skills in learners as they enter future professions. At STEMax, teachers are not only mentors but also companions throughout the students’ developmental journey.

Putting Learners First

Developing personalized skills for learners is a central focus in the educational solutions from STEMax. We maintain a positive, open, and highly connected learning environment. Learners enhance their capabilities by participating in projects with science and engineering themes that they are passionate about.

Innovation and Flexibility

We always listen and adapt to changes to provide products that suit the needs of each learner in the most interesting way.

Expertise Diversity

Experienced personnel collaborate internationally, capable of connecting various resources to bring value and experiences to students.

Our Crew​


- Master in Theoretical Physics

- Master Trainer of CREST in Viet Nam

- Coordinators of CREST program in Viet Nam

Phạm Nguyễn Hoàng Thịnh

- Academic Manager

- Master's in Education - Major in Chemistry Education and Curriculum Development

- STEM Expert, Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam

Đỗ Hạnh Ngân

- Operations Manager

- Master's in Education - Major in Chemistry Education and Curriculum Development, Ho Chi Minh City University of Education

Trần Lê Ngọc Ánh

- Human Resources Manager

- Master's in Food Technology - Erasmus Scholarship Program

Đỗ Huỳnh Bảo Tâm

- Project Manager

- Master's in Business Administration - KEDGE Business School

Hứa Minh Quân


- Chief Executive, Exscitec

- Main consultant in CREST Awards for STEMax

- Co - Founder and National Director of CREST Awards (1985 - 1999)

- Director, Reach Out Lab, Imperial College London, Apr 2009 - Jul 2014

- International High Level STEM Education consultant for the British Council and the Ministry Of Education and Training (MOET) in Vietnam

Mr. Alan West MBE

- Ph.D. in Physics from RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

- Education Specialist at Apple Education.

- Involved in teaching expertise at Ton Duc Thang University, International University, and University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City National University.

Ph.D Nguyễn Hà Hùng Chương

- CEO at the Optica and Lighting Solution Lmt

- Principal Optical Engineering, GESVN-KimBall Electronics

- Received Ph.D. degree at Hanyang University, South Korea.

Ph.D Lê Đường Anh Duy


As an educational institution, STEMax Education specializes in competency development through project-based learning, with a focus on STEM, preparing learners for future professions and adapting to rapid changes in the modern era.

STEMax Education aims to become one of the leading organizations in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region in implementing interdisciplinary education programs for students.

  • We offer project-based learning with a STEM focus and international certifications for secondary and high school students in Vietnam.
  • We provide program development and teacher training consultancy for project-based learning, both in public and private schools.
  • We connect universities, businesses, and organizations in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang City, and Lam Dong Province to provide students with experiential learning closely aligned with real-world scenarios.
  • Our mentor team comes from STEM and Education fields, with extensive experience in project-based STEM-focused teaching, under the guidance of international experts.

  • Our program prioritizes human development. We emphasize the substantial development of students' capabilities.

  • International certification with CREST Awards from the British Science Association (BSA) is awarded to students participating in programs developed by STEMax Education.

The international elements in the programs developed by STEMax Education include:

  • International CREST Certification from the British Science Association for students undertaking Science and Engineering projects, and CREST Mentor certification from the UK for teachers and educators interested in implementing the CREST program.
  • Collaboration with educational, scientific, and technological entities in Southeast Asian (SEA) countries to implement in-depth learning programs and practical experiences for learners.
  • Student project themes focus on solving real-world and global issues.
  • Collaboration network among scientists, educational organizations, and educators in countries such as the UK, the US, Italy, and Australia.

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